I stumbled across Café Kwae a few weeks ago and it was love at first sight! A sign advertising “100% pure organic matcha” had me “head-over-heels”. I absolutely love matcha after becoming seriously addicted while living in Barcelona (will have to write about some of favourite Barcelona matcha spots).

This adorably cute spot, which strikes the right balance between being vibey while also cozy is my current favourite Accra restaurant/coffee shop. It is situated on the ground floor of the One Airport Square building (the zig zag’ building in the airport commercial district), with a balanced clientele of both locals and expats.


The interior (and food too) – rivals international standards. On entering Café Kwae you are greeted on one side by a bright yellow wall adorned with some paintings by African artists, and on the other side booth seating with low hanging jar-encased lights. The quirky design pieces around the café, excellent background music, loads of international magazines and The Food Channel playing muted on the TV, together create just the perfect ambiance  for a morning hangout, chilled afternoon or even a business lunch.

Café Kwae’s menu is varied yet simple, with a breakfast menu served until 11am and a lunch menu served thereafter until closing in the evening. There a lot of healthy options (to balance out their delicious desserts ;-)), and all milk-based drinks have the option of being made with almond milk. The majority of the ingredients are locally sourced with desserts and cakes being made by other women owned local businesses.

After falling in love with Café Kwae, I had to take my husband there for lunch and we decided to spend the afternoon working there. With numerous USB and plug points throughout the café, as well as free Wi-Fi, it’s a great informal co-working space. My recommendation, if you going to do the same, is to reserve a “booth” seating or to sit at the communal seating for a comfortable working environment. Lunch time is buzzing but there is adequate indoor and outdoor seating and once the lunch crowd leaves the coziness returns.

For lunch, I ordered a delicious salad and my husband had the spicy Thai green chicken  curry (with a rather generous serving of chicken). We also tried the popular super fruit ice tea and the freshly cold-pressed pineapple juice which were both refreshing and the perfect drinks to cool down in the Accra heat.

Later that afternoon, I had the banana bread pudding which is served straight out of the oven, together with some caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream (be sure to ask your waiter to bring the ice cream). I also ordered a cappuccino made using freshly ground coffee beans which though delicious, could have been frothier. My husband had the brownie milkshake with pieces of freshly made chocolate brownies therein – the best milkshake in Accra in his opinion (so good that there wasn’t time to take a photo) !

Veggie breakfast

The next weekend, we decided to go for brunch – my favorite mealtime. Café Kwae’s weekend brunch menu comprises a selection of weekday breakfast and lunch items. I really wanted the oats (which I saw on the weekday menu but this was not available), so I chose the avocado toast topped with an egg. The staff are accommodating and were happy to swop the fried egg per the menu for a poached egg which I prefer. My husband had the Veggie breakfast which was eggs, grilled tomatoes, some mushrooms and a lot of avocado.

I fully agree with a sign in the café stating: “Life is uncertain, treat yourself to dessert today!”, so to end of brunch I had the GH style pancakes and a mandatory matcha latte. The pancakes are crêpe like and served with apple slices (some ice-cream would have been good but they were sold out).

GH style pancakes

Subsequent to the above visits I have been to Café Kwae numerous times in the past few weeks and the food and drinks are consistently delicious and reasonably priced too.

I completed this blog post at “Cafe Kwae, post lunch, and had an opportunity to chat to the owner Yvette Ansah and learn more about her as well as understanding her reasons for opening this wholly woman-owned Ghanaian business.  Yvette is a friendly, down-to earth lady who spends all her time at the store (look out for the wide-smiled lady with the pixie-cut framed face) and happily answered all my questions. After chatting to Yvette, I must say that you can feel the influence and presence of her personality when visiting Café Kwae.

Yvette wants “Café Kwae to be that place where people feel as comfortable as they would be in their homes and it certainly does for me.

Matcha latte

Note: Café Kwae offers a loyalty card for hot drinks so be sure to ask your waiter for one.